Monday, June 04, 2007


Sometimes, when I for some reason need to remind myself of the ignorance of this world, I read the comments at

This time I came across someone expressing genuine wonder at the fact that Ramzan Kadyrov (and many other Chechens) are "white", but still Muslim. Well, this guy, as opposed to all too many of the other commentators over there, didn't seem to be ignorant in a bad way, just in an adorable way. You couldn't get angry at him.

Anyway, it inspired me a bit:

1. Ramzan Kadyrov and "friends"
2. Some schoolgirls in Indonesia (in fact meeting Paul Wolfowitz - not in picture)
3. Darfur refugees
4. Osama - the man, the beard, the icon.

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ainur said...


It's both ridiculous and depressing that people very often have trouble with the concept that something or someone can belong to several different categories simultaneously. That person might be even more confused if he found out that Kadyrov is more "Caucasian" than he himself (I'm prejudiced in assuming the perplexed guy is white, I know)...

Anyway, I blame media and the lack of basic education. We have a huge task ahead...