Friday, July 21, 2006

Dear Ms. Rice,

I believe that you, as opposed to your president, cannot be too simpleminded to not understand what the truth is. But you are concealing and distorting the truth.

You spoke today of the terrible deeds of the HisbAllah fighters, who are firing Katyusha rockets into Israeli territory, reaching cities as relatively far into the country as Haifa. At least 34 Israelis have been killed, half of them civilians. This is indeed very sad news.
But what of the at least 319 Lebanese that have been killed by the Israeli army - most of them civilians, one third of them, according to the UN, children? For these people and their families, it seems, you have far less sympathy, if any at all. You didn't even mention them today.

To you, an "immediate ceasefire without political conditions does not make sense". Indeed, last wednesday it was reported that your administration intends to give the Israeli army 'free hands' for about a week before it would start calling for a ceasefire.
Surely a ceasefire wouldn't make any sense to someone who is only able to solve problems by means of force, not dialogue.

Speaking of problems, how are things going in Afghanistan and Iraq, the two rather troublesome 'projects' of your administration? "Afghanistan close to anarchy", "Iraq falls near to the abyss of civil war", "Iraq is disintegrating as ethnic cleansing takes hold" ... what should one make of all this?
Could it be that chaos and civil war was the original intent of your administration when these wars were launched? That not only the talk about Al-Qaida connections and weapons of mass destruction was deceit, but also the talk about 'installing democracy'?

That your government would have lied about yet another issue wouldn't surprise me the least. But I do hope that your administration is not as cynical and hateful of human life as to intentionally have pushed (so far) two nations into chaos and civil war.

Alas, since you will not for one moment tell the truth, all I can do is guess.